When it comes to steaks, many are up to it. People, or in that sense, Malaysians love to eat, any kind of food, be it Indian, Western, South American, you name it. From the crispy fries to the juicy prime cut, all that and more adds up to the western food experience. Freshness of the meat and high quality ingredients adds up to that juicy and rich piece of meat on your plate. Friendly conversations among buddies and girlfriends and bonding time among family members makes an experience like this also worthwhile. 

Nestled in the busy commercialised and residential area of Bangsar Baru, Maria’s Steak Café is what I call a step among the rest. A simple, nothing fancy restaurant serving simply decorated food but do not get the wrong idea, food taste is great. A heavy amount of time is spent improving and maintaining the quality of their food with quality control an everyday routine here. The ambience of the place is like mentioned before, simple nothing fancy with not too dim, not too bright lighting along with simple rustic tables and chairs to match the appetite of the restaurant. 

Let us go straight to the main course, do try out the really juicy and premium Australian Chilled Rib Eye with doneness done medium rare or according to your preference. If you happen to be a seafood and pasta fan, then do give their Seafood Spaghetti a go. Also, do not miss out on their Fish and Chips, and Grilled Salmon. As for something to chew on, Banana Walnut Bread and Carrot Walnut Cake is available.