Formerly known as Al-Amnah Restaurant, Mansion Tea Stall used to be just a nickname among regulars of the place. It was just not long ago when the restaurant decided to officially use what was once a nickname as their official name since it was starting to get famous with it. Nestled in the busy streets of Jalan Masjid India, Mansion Tea Stall operates in a joint stall with Restoran Noor that specializes in Nasi Kandar. Both the stalls share the same space and their customers could just sit freely and order from whichever side they prefer. Unlike Restoran Noor, Mansion Tea Stall operates 24 hours daily, catering to typical Malaysians to fix their late night Mamak crave.

Although their signature dish is the Roti Sardine, Mansion Tea Stall is famed for their Roti Banjir Special. You might think that Roti Banjir is the usual ones that could be found in almost any Mamak, but they mean it when they name it Roti Banjir Special. With a pretty affordable price, the Roti Banjir Special features two slices of Roti Canai drowned in a pool of Dhall, Fish Curry and some Sambal. Here comes the interesting part, it is topped with two half-boiled eggs and for those who prefers a stronger flavour, it is suggested to add in some soy-sauce and pepper.

For the beverage, think no further and just go with the Teh Tarik. With a mixture of condensed and evaporated milk is what makes the Teh Tarik here to be silky yet creamy. Other options in the menu include the usual Fried Rice, Maggi Goreng and the usual Mamak cuisines.

Perfect for late night conversations, Mansion Tea Stall would be one of the places for your next “Yam-Cha” session with friends.