Operating since 1997, Mali’s Corner ventured from a humble hawker stall to now a two storey shop lot by serving only two types of dishes. The interior of the place is nothing worth highlighting about, just the usual mamak store concept that could be found outside. But considering that the place is relatively new, the dining environment is definitely clean and comfortable to dine in. The restaurant is sectioned into two areas, Nasi Lemak on the right and Char Kuey Teow on the left. Here in Mali’s Corner, a fast-food joint self-service concept is implemented in the restaurant where you queue to order in one counter and pay and collect at the next.

The Char Kuey Teow here usually has a slightly longer line than the Nasi Lemak counter, but don’t confuse yourself with the stir-fried Char Kuey Teow with bean sprouts, eggs and chives. The Char Kuey Teow here is fried in thick brownish gravy with slices of green chillies. The dish is perfected with medium-sized prawns that gave the dish a fresh taste. The regular Char Kuey Teow comes in a standard size but if you are a heavy eater, opt for the large one instead. Add on RM3 for their special which comes with extra prawns.

Nasi Lemak here is served with a generous serving of fragrant rice complemented by Fried Chicken or a sunny side up and some cucumber. The sweet and spicy sambal sauce would be a lack of texture to those who prefers sambal with anchovies but the taste of it definitely goes well with the dish.

Although lacking in variety, Mali’s corner makes it up by serving quality Nasi Lemak and Char Kuey Teow which once again proves that simplicity is the best.

Operating Hour

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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