Lua x Acme Bar & Coffee City Center

Lua x Acme Bar & Coffee (often abbreviated as ABC) is a modern café located in the ground floor of The Troika. The café was founded in 2010 and aims to create an exciting addition to the vibrant dining scene in Kuala Lumpur after the team behind the restaurant spent many years of travelling to the Pacific Northwest; getting inspired by the cool and casual restaurant and cafe scene that has a distinct laid-back vibe that permeates throughout Portland, Seattle and Vancouver. The team decided to take it one step further by injecting this modern feel of the West with hints of Asian influences without the usual clichés.

As far as the food is concerned, it sticks to the same theme mentioned earlier with an emphasis on comfort Western food with a familiar Asian feel to it, whilst making sure to use fresh ingredients and handmaking everything including the breads, sauces, fillings, and others. All the dishes here are made to order, some of these dishes include roast lamb rack with dukkah spice, chunky beef steak meat pie, the big breakfast aptly called the “Acme Breakfast Club” which includes poached eggs and eggs benedict, tuna melt sandwiches, and a whole lot more.

The desserts here are just as celebrated, if not, receives greater praise than it’s main course counterpart. The standout is most certainly the sizzling brownie & Oreo ice cream. Other noteworthy items that go well with the coffee served here include the pancakes with pear slices, pisang goreng, and a whole lot more. With that said, don't waste anymore time; head over to Acme Bar & Coffee for an unforgettable experience!