A café founded locally or “LOKL-y” in this sense, in the historic are of Tun HS Lee area, once dominated by spice merchants, craft shops and many more, during the first quarter of year 2012. Serving many different food and beverage, all with a local twist, specialising in hot sandwiches made with careful and loving hands. Interior-wise, expect a clever combination of brick walls, falling lights and wooden tables which exudes warm and cosy vibes. 

Among the must-try sandwiches include their very own Hainanese Meatloaf and the Buttermilk Chicken Chop. LOKL aims to be a place for this very old community by providing a spot for everyone to hang out with three promises to customers.  “Your food arrives no later than 20 minutes”, “Your waiter looks you in the eye and smiles” and “Your meal always taste the same”. Should any of the three promises made betray you, you can let them know and your next meal could very much be free. 

Services here include very convenient deliveries for those who happen to be around the area but are not feeling like stopping by or even the entire place to cater for your very own event.  When it comes to food, LOKL is no shy in proving that they are very good at it. Comfort food with an Asian twist, American-inspired diners, French Cuisine, Colonial Hainanese dishes, and the classic family recipes.

If you're looking for regular cafe runners like big breakfasts and bagels, you're in safe hands too. But no visit here is deemed complete till you have tried their desserts, best sellers are Mille Crepe and Red Velvet cakes. 

So if you happen to be around the corner and be in the mood for a dining experience in a modern classical look café, do not hesitate to stop LOKL Coffee.


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