Li Yen which is nestled in Ritz-Carlton is the hotel’s award-winning signature restaurant. They serve various Cantonese specialities with a huge selection of din sum and also a la carte selections. They aim to offer patrons a gourmet, fine dining experience with its carefully crafted menu and amazing food presentation in terms of sigh and taste.

The interior is nothing short of grand, with three private dining rooms for exclusive and social functions. Ornamented timber panels with Chinese-style motifs can be seen as well as luscious potted plants. It definitely fits in with the rest of the surroundings of the 5-star restaurant. The staffs are also dressed accordingly, with waiters in white Chinese suit jackets and females in elegant floral cheongsams. In the evening, there is also life performances of ‘Yang Qing’, a traditional Chinese instrument. Smart casual attire is recommended for patrons who want to dine there.

The menu is extensive. In fact, it is over 10 pages long. However, all the signature dishes are on the first page so do check that out. They even have a wide selection traditional Chinese teas such as ‘Pu Er’ and ‘Long Jin’. Do sample their tender and juicy roast duck. The skin is crispy and paper thin, going perfectly with the texture of the meat. A few slices of parsley garnish the dish a long with a light pool of sauce pooling at the bottom. Their Li Yen Golden Prawns is also a must try, fried and thickly coated with mayonnaise. It is then topped with crunchy wafers. Last but not least, you must try their Li Yen Signature Beancurd with Honshimeiji Mushrooms and Spinach, which visual resembles a layered cheesecake. However, in reality, the layers are actually plain bean curd as the base with curd mashed with spinach as the top layers. An ample amount of juicy mushrooms makes up the top layer.

Reservations are recommended if you intend to dine there.

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