Kontiki @ Federal Hotel City Center

Kontiki Restaurant located at the Mezzanine floor of Federal Hotel is designed with the concept of its name Kontiki. The interior of the restaurant is designed with raft ceilings and wooden floorings and furnished with rattan-made dining chairs and marble tables which are placed on one side of the restaurant. The other side of the space shawcases a range of buffet counters and an open kitchen, the wall panel was also decorated with graffiti art that adds in the modern contemporary vibe to the room. 

Kontiki Restaurant serves BBQ seafood buffet for dinners during the weekend and Lunch buffets during the weekdays that features a range of Asian cuisines. Other than that, High Tea is also available during the weekends. While Kontiki restaurant has a limited time for their lunch and dinner buffet, their a la carte menu is always available. Not only that, their cocktails and mocktails are also always available for those who are always up for a drink.

The BBQ seafood buffet is highly recommended by the customers as it features a variety of international and local cuisines made with fresh seasonal ingredients. Definitely try out the seafood on their Ice station that features premium seafood such as crayfish, slipper lobster, scallop, oyster and mussel.

Kontiki Restaurant also has an outdoor dining area which is located at the poolside which has a beautiful view especially at night when the lights are turned on. The outdoor seating area which is filled with al fresco seatings is also where their BBQ cum Grill station is at where you can get a variety of BBQ and grill items cooked freshly by the chefs.

Kontiki Restaurant would be one of the places you would want to visit if you are up for some eat all you can seafood or even some drinks for special occasions and light celebrations.