Using cakes and pastries as weapons and an army of breads and danishes, all made with the purest and freshest ingredients is how Huckleberry Food and Fare embarked on a quest, which began in Damansara Heights, to follow their destiny that is the coming after of the legacy which belongs to their very successful sibling, Mezze Bistro. Housed in a classical but modern looking shop, the insides definitely does stand out from other places. 

Looking similarly to an armoury in a castle, the armoury here filled not with weapons but with pastries and breads, danishes and cakes with a smell so pleasant, it can turn even the evilest of armies into the nicest of soldiers with over 20 different varieties of hand-crafted and crispy textures of bread which is hand-crafted and baked freshly every day. In love with their very own Signature Miche Sourdough range of bread, which is made the old-fashioned way. Besides that, sandwiches, salads, French toast, pasta and soups.

No cafés would be completed without serving breakfast, and lucky for those breakfast cravers, the big breakfast set is available. If you are a big cake fan, you are also in luck. The Strawberry Lemoncurd Coconut Cake, which is perfect for an afternoon tea, made with layers of light, tangy lemon custard and sponge cake with strawberry compote. Their Red Velvet Cake sprinkled with white chocolate and red velvet cake dust sounds delicious as much as the taste of it.

Espresso-based drinks, with milk or black, and 100% natural juices according to your preference.

All in all, this is a place to go for all walks of life to pamper their tummy wholeheartedly.