One of the best places to end an evening would have to be the Heli Lounge Bar in the heart of KL. How heart are we talking? You can see both KL Tower and KLCC from the bar so this is right at the very heart of the city. The attraction though is not so much the view but from where you can enjoy the view. There are only 5 helicopter pads in the city and one of the working ones is open for business and for the public’s enjoyment after hours. That is what Heli Lounge Bar is all about. Think being able to witness 360-degree view of one of the most happening cities in Southeast Asia, with the last rays of the sun hitting your face and lighting up your pictures, and the glittering metropolitan lights that comes out when it's dark. Such views would make one think of how much bigger the world seems to be and for that reason views like this would always attract people. Plus the idea of being on a no-border helipad is just too cool and daredevil-ish to pass up.

That is the story upstairs. Heli Lounge Bar actually has two sections, with the lower floor being a lounge tastefully decorated according to the aviation theme. The section upstairs on the 36th floor is closed off after a few hours and the party now moves downstairs to the 34th floor. Once you enter the lounge, be prepared to see parts and pieces (the smaller ones) from an airplane laid out all over the place. Propellers, turbines, cabin seats, you name it, it’s there. The party people can enjoy their range of drinks, from spirits to beers and cocktails, by city standard it is not overly expensive and you get to bask in the ‘flying’ theme. They also have non-alcoholic drinks for those non-drinkers as well as some food choices to keep your stomach full and happy.

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