Take a glimpse through the eyes of the society today and you will indubitably find yourself surrounded by people who are prone to healthy eating as over the years, the regime of healthy eating has been steadily rising. In order to cater to such an influx, organic food cafes and restaurants have consequentially popped up in the food and beverage scene and with that said, Green Talk Organic Shop and Cafe is one of the leading pioneers in the organic food industry.

Based in one of the many commercial hubs of Cheras, this neat and tidy organic vegetarian eatery caters to all your organic food needs, ensuring that you get the best out of your meal, whether is be value for money, health or -most importantly for food aficionados; taste. In terms of their menu, their signature dishes include their rendition of the exquisite Lei Cha (Green Talk Lei Cha) and also the all-time favourite nasi lemak (Green Talk Nasi Lemak), among other things. 

In essence a savoury broth -with a hint of mint; derived from grinding green tea leaves into paste, their Lei Cha consists of the various array of finely chopped green vegetables, diced bean-curd as well as pickled radishes and roasted nuts. On the other hand, the nasi lemak includes a delectable assortment of condiments -such as blanched kai lan, pumpkin curry and deep fried bean-curd; paired with yellow turmeric rice.

But of course, if you perused their menu even further, you will come across a tantalising array of organic renditions of everyday hearty food such as laksa, spring rolls, pastas and more. Also noteworthy of mention is their selection of juice, which ranges from the conventional kinds -apple, orange, etc; to more exquisite kinds such as black sesame and beetroot juice. 

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