Ding Heong Golden Apam Balik Wilayah Persekutuan Kula Lumpur

Apam balik is a snack Malaysian have grown up eating.It’s cheap, fresh, hot and crispy. In addition to keeping the original taste of apam balik,Ding Heong Golden Apam Balik also keeps up with the times, there are more than 50 flavors sold here!From sweet chocolate, bananas, marshmallows, Oreo to salted ham, cheese, chicken floss and eggs, the combination of various ingredients can definitely bring you freshness.

Nutella Banana

The taste of Nutella Banana is just nice, it wasn't too sweet, just perfect and it had a lot of banana slices.

Marshmallow chocolate 

Marshmallow chocolate is really sweet even for a sweet tooth, kids would really love it. 

Pepperoni with cheese and chicken floss 

The taste of pepperoni with cheese and chicken floss will really surprise you! It just feels like you are eating pizza! 

Ham and cheese

Each bite of ham and cheese is accompanied by thick ham and melted cheese; although soaked. It's delicious!