None to our astonishment, among the pioneers of banana leaf restaurant Devi’s Corner has won many hearts for the past 20 years with the authenticity of South Indian cuisine that it serves. Famous among Bangsar-ians and expats around there, Devi’s Corner centres on modern traditional hawker court similar to the ones most Malaysians have seen. But what set them apart from the usual are the separated sections the place is manning. The banana leaf rice is served at the top floor of the shop with air-conditioners settled on every corner of the room of which in all probability, this explains as to why folks prefer this place especially in the afternoon despite the fact that the place is already packed with rafters in the morning.

Of course the banana leaf range would be an impressive one considering many would kill just to get a table here. Starting from the plonking of rice on your leaf, the waiters will put down numbers of side dishes and generous at it too such as the deep-fried bittergourd, cucumber in yogurt, curried bindi and varieties of chutneys. Tons of curries that vary will later be drenched on the rice as well and if you are too baffled on which glistening sauces intensify the buds; go for their creamy Kerala fish curry. A portion of mutton masala as a side definitely fit the taste nevertheless Devi’s famous chicken 65 that was nicely marinated and fried ahead of time should be given a shot as well especially for rookie regulars who is up for some house specialty.