Contango is one of the four high class establishment housed in Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur. A luxuriously designed but contemporary restaurant with an open kitchen that encourages interactive dining and a seating capacity for around 250 people, Contango is one of the fine dining establishments if one decided to splurge a little. Generally, the type of cuisine offered here ranging from the West of pizza and Spanish grill, to Chinese, Japanese, Malay, and Thai.

Contango is all about the buffets. Lunch, dinner, seasonal, you would find people crowding in the restaurant to sample premium taste at a relatively affordable buffet price. The lunch buffet has a fixed rate everyday so no worries about paying more on weekends. Only the freshest ingredients and items are able to make their way out of the kitchen and on the buffet table.

Plus the restaurant flexibility to cater to a variety of cuisine would ensure a worldly experience every time. From hot cooked local food of Malay and Indian flavours, to Japanese cuisine of colourful sushi and sashimi and many more, it is like stepping into a food haven.

The pleasure doesn’t stop there. Contango also offers pizza and pasta that are only made when ordered so you could customise your own topping and ingredients. The Spanish Churassco grill alternate day by day so you could visit consequently and not be bored with the same option. The salad bar would excite any veggie lovers with their various choices and quality freshness in each bite.

While the price may not be the cheapest around, the quality and abundant quantity of different dishes make the whole deal a lot more affordable.