Chua Brothers @ Lot 10 City Center

In 2009, Dr Francis Yeoh did a revelation and aghast many for his astounding establishment. 4 years later the same happened again, but this time he managed to get it across the Malaysian border. That is right! The popular Lot 10 Hutong has been between talks since the beginning and all thanks to him. Being the brainchild of Dr Francis, Lot 10 Hutong was structured to foster some of the best hawker stalls around Kuala Lumpur to be put under one roof. The idea came about as Francis wanted to preserve street food stalls that have been around for generations with the thought that they will still be available for the next 'cucu-cicit' to come.

As such, Chua Brothers was one of them. With their char koay teow that is widely known to be delicious, the place is quite popular considering that it has only been in operation beginning 2012 as compared to other decade-aged stalls walling it. The famous char koay teow comes with a choice of either chicken egg or duck egg to be cooked with, and a couple of prawns and chives decorating the plate. To a surprise many has opted for duck egg instead of the usual chicken egg. It seems that duck egg makes the dish a whole lot richer in taste probably on the logic that some ducks will turn into beautiful swans. Kidding! However, affirming to the other will not make it any less tasty. Either or, bring along a friend to eat with and get an extra side of Chua Brother’s Fish Ball Noodle, as if plates after plates of char kuey teow are not enough already!