Caffeinees City Center

In business for around 18 hours a day sure is tough. But places like Caffeinees don’t say no to that challenge. Business hours that run from the early rays of the sun all the way to the wee hours of the morning make this quaint café a great place to come at any time. Decorated with a romantic garden theme, it takes one away from the hustle and bustle of city life, while its green scenery would rest your eyes for a little bit.

Known to serve aromatic coffee and tasty foods, when the sun is down and the lights come out, other forms of entertainment are also available such as shisha tobacco and a live band performance. Along with that, the best seller Caffeinees BIG burger is sure to satisfy anyone. The fusion Salmon Baked Rice and the limited Giant Scallops with prawns or cooked with garlic butter are for the seafood lovers who look into getting high quality products. You know their Fried Chicken Wings is good when it's at the top of Caffeinees list of 10 snacks recommendation. Local delicacies will ensure to bring patrons who need their daily fix of Nasi Lemak, and Caffeinees serves it with the goodness of Fried Chicken. The café also decided to go all out with their beverages menu with choices of different types of coffee, chocolate drinks, teas, juices, and dessert; you would never run out of options.

Whether it’s to start an early day, to have a midday break, enjoy a cup of tea, having a great night with family or simply hanging out in good company until the wee hours of morning, Caffeinees is there for you.