Brussels Galerie is a Belgian restaurant located at Nexus Bangsar South. If the name does sound familiar, that's because its part of the same group managing the various Brussels Beer Cafe outlets that can be found all over the country in places like the Klang Valley, Penang, and Johor. The key difference between the two of these lies in their setting, with Brussels Galerie having an outdoor al fresco seating area that can't be found in Brussels Beer Cafe. While on the inside, it's a brilliant blend of modern day comfort with hip touches here and there. 

As far as the food is concerned, the both of them share the same menu, with a focus on serving Belgian cuisine that is tasty, filling, savoury and unpretentious with good quality; as well as fitting perfectly with the beers served here. Some of the Belgian favourites to be had here include moules, croquettes, blind finches, crispy roasted pork knuckles, and braised lamb shank.

There are other more familiar favourites to enjoy like pasta, ribs, and a few others. Of course, no Belgian food establishment would be complete without the obligatory serving of Belgian waffles. Other desserts that will pleasantly help wash down the meal are the Hoegaarden Rosee Sorbet and chocolate brownies.

Naturally, the beers at Brussels Galerie have to be an important talking point as its the heart and soul of the restaurant. There are both draught beers and bottled beers to be enjoyed here. Each glass of beer is poured with the help of their own state of the art T-font taps with the coldest glycol system in place

So if you're looking for an easygoing and relaxed environment to enjoy some great Belgian food and a cold glass of beer, Brussels Galerie is certainly the place to do so.