Placed at the corner in Plaza Mount Kiara, Bowl and Thai Café brings a delectable taste to Thai cuisine. The restaurant is located inside the plaza and houses only a small area due to lack of ample space. Most office workers are seen having their meals here because the prices are marked at a very reasonable price. 


The café has minimal decoration. Although the café has small space area, the layout of the café is arranged quite spaciously with foldable plastic tables and plastic seats. However, the number of tables are limited. Pictures of signature dishes are hung on the plain white walls. There are other small posters and décor pictures placed around as well. The environment is somewhat decent for a small café area.


There are several popular dishes served. The Thai stew pork and rice are one of the favourite few where many customers enjoy the rice that is deeply filled with braised sauce. Other dishes such as garlic chicken rice, Thai fried rice with pandan chicken, Thai shrimp omelette, green curry with rice and the tom yam kung are a must try when at Bowl and Thai. These dishes simply perk your taste buds for the better.  

Many have assumed that this Thai hawker-styled café only boasts of an ordinary food with little expectation. However, it is proven to taste much more than what they’ve hoped. The only downside to this restaurant is the location. Many have argued that the café are placed at a location where it is difficult to locate. Take note that it is placed opposite the Galaxy Korean Mart in the plaza.


Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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