Bijan Bar and Restaurant is an establishment in the hustle and bustle of Jalan Ceylon in KL that serves up the finest of Malay cuisines. Trying their best to cater to the number of expatriates and foreigners around the location, Bijan stepped out of the box and become one of the very few Malay restaurants that also serve alcohol. The restaurant is situated on the side of the road flocked by many other restaurants, but stood out of the competition with the kind of menu they offer. From the outside, the restaurant may not look much but the inside tells a different story. The layout of the restaurant is divided into two; an indoor and outdoor seating area; bathed with warm lights giving it the air of exclusivity and with attentive care of the servers that are more than welcoming.

The kind of Malay cuisine offered here is authentic yet different. Take the Chargrilled Marinated Beef Turmeric Gravy for instance. The beef, or known as Daging Salai in the community, is a classic mid-south dish that is rich in flavour with an exciting colour. Bijan managed to hit the mark and more with tender beef cuts and rich gravy. While it may not be as familiar to the original, it is still a worthy take on the Negeri Sembilan dish. Another signature here is the King Prawn Curry. King prawns are named such for a reason and nothing is more fulfilling than biting into large, juicy flesh. The combination of the Malay take on the Indian curry that is different but remained flavourful is a perfect pairing with a plate of hot white rice. Other notable dishes include the Rendangs, of beef, chicken, duck and prawn, Keropok Lekor, Cucur Udang, and Stir-fry Prawns in Fermented Durian Gravy. Every year, Bijan would also celebrate the holy month of Ramadhan with a buffet spread.