Beary Potter Studio Cafe may have been a pun for Harry Potter, but the idea behind the name does make sense. After all, it's a combination of a cafe and pottery studio under one roof. The cafe is located in Connaught Avenue, Cheras. Nestled on the third floor, getting up there might require a bit of exercise. Also, do look out for a signboard with a white polar bear just incase you can't find the place. 

However, rest assured that climbing those flights of stairs is totally worth the effort. Upon entering, you'll be greeted by a scent of paint and clay, where the pottery class is held on the left side of the entrance. You'll see kids, teens and even adults, happily getting their hands dirty trying to create a vase or a pot. Whatever it may be, you know you're gonna Instagram it. 

On the right side of the entrance will be the cafe. Designed with a warm and cosy ambience in mind, the tables and chairs are really comfortable while the lights are rather dim. Hence, it will be a great place to bring a date or have a casual conversation with few friends.

Apart from the ever-so comforting interior, Beary Potter Studio Cafe excels in 3 things - Waffles, Pancakes and Coffee. Everything is made from scratch and is done in-house. A good selection of savoury and sweet pancakes alongside chewy Belgian waffles finished with a cup of coffee, life doesn't get any better than this. 

So what are you waiting for? Do head on down to Beary Potter Studio Cafe right away! 

Operating Hour

Friday, Saturday
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

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