Korean food has been the hype for Malaysians and some have claimed to be a gift from the Koreans (go figure). Nevertheless, Korean food can cost a bomb but still that does not stop us from obtaining good food. For those who claim that they can finish a whole restaurant, this place is for you. Located on the third floor of a building in Jalan Solaris 2, this mini restaurant is a blessing to all Korean-food lovers. BBQK is an all-you-can-eat buffet at a very affordable price!

Entering the restaurant gives you the aroma of meat in the process of cooking by the other occupied tables. And when you have settled payment together with a very excited mood, explore the buffet bar that is divided into two different sections: one containing pre-cooked food for those who would want to consume beforehand; and another is the raw ingredients needed for your barbecuing.

You are also served with a few small dishes of the available sides of the day from the common ones like kimchi and boiled egg to the other types of vegetables. In the meat section, they have prepared a vast selection of beautifully marinated succulent meat inclusive of chicken, beef and pork that you cannot resist taking; together with a handful of seafood like squids and octopus. Many have recommended taking the pork meat because of how the end product turns out: delicious grilled meat with juicy thickness. BBQ-K also prepares dipping sauces to further season your barbecued meat and enhance its flavour.

If you reckon you would want to try something off the buffet, an ala carte menu is also included with items like seafood stew, cold noodles and steamed egg for a change. Depending on different daily choices, many items in the raw ingredients section are prepared fresh for the day and might differ accordingly.

For those who would like some privacy, there are rooms provided that can accommodate 6-8 people. You are advised to maybe call in to reserve your tables because availability of seats cannot be guaranteed during peak hours.