Located in the heart of the city centre, amidst the many shopping outlets of Avenue K, Bankara Ramen restaurant offers shoppers and non-shoppers alike with a taste of authentic ramen taken straight out from the Land of the Rising Sun. 

With an interior design sporting decorations that very much look like the ones used in the authentic ramen stalls and restaurants of Japan, the potential patrons of Bankara Ramen are taken into an immersive dining experience no thanks for both the ambience and of course, the food fare. As the name aptly suggests, here in Bankara Ramen, patrons are spoilt for choices with the abundance of Japanese noodle dishes made available to the masses.

In general, the signature ramen in Bankara is usually served with broth of their own design which is cloudy by nature due to the usage of pork bone in the broth. With a standard topping of chashu, bamboo shoots, dried seafood and Japanese onion, this noodle dish is light for the tummy yet rich in flavours. Savoury and slightly sweet in nature, the noodles are not at all soft and mushy, instead comprising of a chewy and springy texture. Aside from the signature Bankara-styled ramen, Hakata-style tonkotsu ramen, Saporo-style miso ramen and Tsukemen (cold ramen) are also available here.

Do note that rice based dishes are also available here if noodle does not in particular appeal to you folk's discerning palate. Also not forgetting the unique culinary spin in which Bankara provides to its customers. In addition to the usual condiments of shoyu, chilli oil and vinegar, patrons are allocated fresh garlic cloves alongside a garlic press. Verdict: FRESHLY PRESSED GARLIC FOR YOU AND ME~! Now that's definitely one way to ensure a hearty meal worthy of an encore.