Nyonya cuisine is usually carried forward by generations of Baba Nyonya and from the name of the restaurant, Baba Low’s 486 is home to authentic Peranakan delights. The location can be pretty tricky so if you are able, WAZE yourself there as per the given address.

The menu is going to be a handful if you are going there for the first time. They have so many choices in the mains section and a handful that is divided into chicken, seafood and vegetable dishes. There are some side dishes as well that can be ordered as appetisers; namely the traditional Pai Tee, Popiah Kulit Telor or the Tauhu Sumbat which are ingredients stuffed as fillings in crispy Pai Tee shells and Tauhu respectively. The big black chalkboard can act as a guide if you are still at a lost.

The common dishes include the Nyonya Laksa and Mee Siam. Nyonya Laksa is cooked with noodles drenched in thick ‘lemak’ gravy with a little spice which gives you a tingling sensation behind your throat. The ingredients that can be found in the soup include fishballs, shrimps, tofu and half of a hardboiled egg. Shredded cucumbers act as garnishing for the finishing touch. There are a few choices of noodles to be cooked with your laksa like the usual yellow noodles, mee siam (the thin version called beehoon) or kuay teow.

Mee Siam on the other hand is a dried beehoon dish that is fried with chili and accompanied with pieces of fishcakes, shredded egg and cucumber plus half a piece of hardboiled egg as well. As if the dish is not spicy enough, there is a dab of sambal gravy added on the side for more kick.

You can never miss out the dessert while you are there. Widely known as Cendol, this bowl of sugary goodness will definitely work as a thirst-quencher to cool you down after so many dishes. Within the medium-sized bowl contains red beans and strands of pandan jelly and then layered with a large amount of shaved ice; carefully drizzled with coconut milk and Gula Melaka. That gave you a vivid picture, didn’t it?

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