Malaysia is truly a gastronomy hub, predominantly hailed for its local delights thanks to the multicultural makeover, yet international cuisines are warmly welcomed too. Gathering momentum among Malaysians are bagels, ring-shaped and palm-sized pleasures that are rather making its presence in breakfast and brunches alike. For those who often go to Solaris Dutamas, knows what comes after A for Apple, its B for Bagel.

This striking canary-yellow kiosk is located juxtaposed the entrance of food court. Beguiling bagels are filled in the glass shelves while a backdrop of New York City embellishes the walls, where recipes of bagels are rooted from. There are no tables and chairs, therefore, it’s all about gobble-on-the-go, bring them over to the food court or grab armloads back home. 

Offering several types of bagels such as plain, blueberry, sesame, mixed vegetables, cinnamon, chocolate, poppy seeds, chia seed and cranberry, be spoilt satisfyingly. Once you’re done with your base, shove them up, where patrons go head over heels for their Salmon Cream Cheese. The fresh salmon and mild cheese just complement each bite, offering layers of flavours that aren’t overpowering each other. Conversely, the bread itself is fluffy and spongy; you can just eat them all alone. To cut short, there is something for everyone to devour delightfully.

Apart from the delicious bagels, B for Bagel also serves real smoothies, no preservations and made with real fruits, where their avocado smoothie tops the chart. Well, where can you actually get an avocado smoothie? Slurp them down, refresh and rejuvenate. Need a companion while strolling or shopping, well best friend also starts with B, so do bagels.

Operating Hour

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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