Ayam Penyet Nyet Nyet Restaurant

Located in Kampung Baru, Ayam Penyet Nyetnyet is a well known name among the city bunch for serving the best if not, one of the best ayam penyet around Kuala Lumpur. Apart from Wong Solo, Ayam Penyet Nyetnyet is claimed to be the next best to be at if ever the urge to devour on some delicious authentic Indonesian food appear to loom out of the blue. Not only the infamous ayam penyet but also Nyetnyet’s pecel lele seems to be a hit as well – perhaps any type of penyet available Nyetnyet will cater your way. You just name it! But of course Indonesian food is not limited to one or two bunch. Assortments are also available ranging from the ever-favourite bakso to bawal bakar (grilled fish) to be paired with a bowl of rice, and the price is definitely back for a buck. Even if the dishes are priced at above average, complaints simply inconceivable considering the deliciousness and authenticity it portrays in each dish.

Apparently the Ayam Penyet Nyetnyet has been in operation not long ago or to be specific around the year 2012 nevertheless the place has grown known until today. Another interesting feature of this place apart from its varieties of Indonesian cuisines of course, is that Nyetnyet offers delivery service mostly throughout Kuala Lumpur that stretches from Kg Baru itself to Ampang, the mother place of all residencies. Since Malaysia is not accustomed to delivery service of local food, Nyetnyet has taken a turn and without a doubt it is just downright neighbourly. 

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