A trendy bistro that has been stalking up a reputation as one of the finest places to taste authentic Middle Eastern cuisine while chugging down a luscious range of liquors. It’s located along the P.Ramlee street and it’s habitually filled with foreigners, backpackers and those who crave for a full of life atmosphere. The interior is spacious, adorned with chic lightings, comfy dining space and a huge bar armed with staggering choices of cocktails which are prepared by their friendly bartenders, who skillfully know what they are doing.

The meals are peaking in popularity, predominantly serving Middle Eastern Cuisine with Western dishes too. The executive chef, Hamid Hosseini has numerous years of experience up his sleeves, which includes cooking for Sheykh Mohammad Ruller of Dubai previously. Their sumptuous spread of grilled meats just claps your eyes with its inviting presentation and hearty portions. The meats are toothsome and tender, which results from rich and aromatic spices that are never skimped on. Other winners include, bright and appealing salads, delicious soups, fragrance rice and full of flavours stews. After pleasing your tummy, the bar beckons you for a shot, especially their innovative blend of cocktails.

The 80s and 90s background music just soaks you into an amazing atmosphere and everyone here is just friends that you haven’t got to know yet. If you want a change of environment, nab a table at their alfresco setting while presents stunning views of the towering Twin Tower. Last but not least, the door closes at 3am, oh yeah Middle Eastern meals for supper? That’s rhythm to ears!

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