Right in the heart of Dang Wangi, Kuala Lumpur north from Dataran Merdeka, behind Yut Kee Restaurant lies a hidden treasure food stall that has been planted for many years. Locals call it Asyiq Dang Wangi because of its location and the name belonging to the owner of this special haker stall. It is situated at a back alley area but not very dodgy looking.


The stall vacates a distinct faded turquoise blue color stall. It is generally a road side tall where customers order from the stall itself and sit wherever’s available. Although the stall is placed at the back alley, the area is not deserted or quiet. There’s a decent crowd daily depending on the time as well. Aside from Asyiq’s stall, a drink stall and other small food stalls place are all allocated along the back alley. 


Asyiq only serves two main meals. The mee rebus however is much more popoular among the customers. The mee rebus comprised of hard-boiled egg, tofu, potato bits, beansprouts, crispy fried onions, sliced chilies and you can have the option of adding sotong (squid) into your meal as well. The mee rebus is packed with a flavorful thick gravy which carries the most important element. Its probably why customers still keep coming back for more. The second dish Asyiq sells is the rojak mamak. Although the rojak is not as often ordered by customers, it is still one of the better rojaks around KL. The rojak mamak packs a punch with its mild spicy gravy kicking in. Its mixed with boiled potatoes, fried tofu, dough fritters and embedded with a lavish amount of cucumber and turnip. 

Since its located outdoors, it may get quite hot during the afternoon but you always have an option to take away. If you're ever around the area of Dang Wangi, do make sure you take a quick stop by at Asyiq's to savour the tantalising mee rebus and rojak mamak.

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