Aroi Jing Jing Boat Noodle Wangsa Maju

Aroi Jing Jing Boat Noodle is a Thai restaurant specialising in Thai delicacy of boat noodles (as the name would suggest). The restaurant opened in September 2014 in Wangsa, and has enjoyed decently large crowd on a regular basis ever since, largely due to the boat noodle craze that was happening at the time. Customers regularly enjoy patronising the restaurant for it’s simplicity and fuss free feel, which is largely attributed to their menu.

Speaking of their menu, it is arguably one of the smallest menus you will likely come across as there are only 6 items on it; 2 items if you exclude the drinks. These two items are the kuey teow boat noodles and the glass noodles boat noodles. These can be served with soup or left dry. Regardless of this, each bowl comes with a generous serving of herbs, sauces, and spices with a spoonful of pork and a pork ball; once again keeping in line with the simplicity. As for the portion sizes, it remains consistent with the smaller portions you’re likely to find in Bangkok. To intice the big eaters, Aroi Jing Jing Boat Noodles has a promotion whereby if 10 bowls are ordered, 3 more are given for free.

When it comes to the drinks available, Thai drinks such as pandan juice and lemon grassjuice, as well as soft drinks and mineral water are available. So if you’re looking for boat noodles that are simple and fuss free, Aroi Jing Jing Boat Noodles are certainly the place to go.

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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