Did you know that you can find a stall (warong) in Johor Bahru that sells delicious breakfast foods located under cherry trees? Named by its regular customers as Warong Pokok Ceri, this joint is well known among the neighbourhood and even the tourist for their delightful nasi lemak. Tucked under the lush, leafy green canopy of some low trees, this warong is clean, bright, airy, cool, and spacious.


Owned by a lovely Malay couple, this humble stall offers various breakfast meals such as Nasi Lemak, Fried Chicken, Laksa Johor, and Lontong. The very famous Nasi lemak is said to be fluffy and have a nice aromatic coconut rice served alongside a spoonful of belacan. The dish is famous due to the creamy taste of the rice itself. Some says they do not mind consuming the rice on its own without any side dishes. That shows how good the dish is. If you’re that person who must have fried chicken as your side dish, you don’t have to worry. This place served freshly fried chicken. It is juicy and crispy that can probably beat fast food.


Laksa Johor and Lontong should also be on your must try list in this stall. Laksa Johor prepared here is actually asam laksa base with noodles that were a cross between laksa noodles and pasta. Fascinating and very flavoursome! The Lontong is very light and smooth. You can taste the right balance between creamy and spicy. The ‘ketupat’ served along with the dish is nicely cooked and are not stiff and dense. They even poured some satay sauce or ‘kuah kacang’ on top to complete the dish. Their Nasi Kerabu is also a must in here. This place is definitely worth a visit for patrons who would love to experience delicious authentic Malay delicacies and ‘kampung’ like ambience.