With more than 8 branches national-wide, U Desserts has become more and more well-known among Malaysian. This famous chain dessert cafe can be spotted at Jalan Austin Height 3 in Johor Bahru. Tucked within the shop houses, U Desserts pride themselves by providing affordable yet mouth-watering sweet delights. They offer so many dessert choices that you might have to spend some time to pick the right one for you. With simple and comfortable settings, along with good service, this place is perfect to satisfy your cravings for desserts!


Be it a la carte or in sets, patrons are able to select different sweet treats that consists of delightful fruits like mango, durian, and coconut at a very reasonable price range. One of their bestselling items is the Ice-Cream & Pomelo in Durian Sago Sweet Soup. This unique dessert is served with a scoop of creamy and smooth vanilla ice cream, a scoop of pure Durian, along with pomelo that boost the texture of the overall dessert.


Another must try dish is the Mango Chong Fun to "Chee Chong Fun". The scrumptious dessert is made of cubic of sweet mango wrapped in a coconut infused Chong Fun skin alike that has the ideal thickness that is chewable. Finally, it is topped with more mango puree. Mango lovers should definitely go for this one. What’s even more interesting about this place is that it also offers several savoury dishes. They introduce meals like rice and noodles that come in set along with a drink of your choice.


So, if you are a fan of Hong Kong desserts including Tong Sui, Gui Ling Gao, or even Durian delicacies, U-Desserts is here to serve you with the best selections of sweet delights all at a very reasonable price range.

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