Marco Polo Kitchen emanates from Johor Bahru. It carries a family themed restaurant with a blend of good hearty Italian and Asian taste for everyone to enjoy. This fine restaurant is located just opposite the Aeon Big, Taman Bukit Indah. It covers 2 storeys with modern-day exterior and interior design.


The exterior of the building is concealed by a slightly darkened red colour. The signboard is a mixed of a burgundy colour with the restaurant’s name highlighted in white. There’s also a few large pictures of their famous dishes from their menu placed right above the signboard. Large clear glass windows are placed around building for natural sunlight to enter in. The interior is designed in a classic modern style. It depicts ‘raw’ finishing’s from ceiling to floor complementing the dusty grey and red stones. A juice bar is placed on the first level of the restaurant decorated in a sleek pipe-styled finishing. Light bulbs are ornamented above the ceilings on both levels around illuminating a warm colour to give a pleasant and cosy ambience. The tables are and chairs arranged in a way where it can cater small groups of people and a large number of groups as well.


A selection of perfectly crafted Italian cookery is done behind the curtains. The famous dishes served up are the Bruschetta, Linguine Marinara, White Bacon, The Boss MP Meat Lovers, Grilled Salmon and their MP BDC. These are just some of the dishes that recommended as well as favourited by some customers. Apart from their a la carte menu, Marco Polo serves some lighter meals for those who aren’t as famish. Go for the poached egg smoked salmon, MP breakfast platter or the butter French toast. It’ll sure no doubt satisfy your inner food craves. If you’re yearning for something sweet, there’s always their all-time favourite chocolate hazelnut calzone.


Marco Polo Kitchen’s essential Italian style restaurant is one to dine over a nice romantic meal for two, birthday parties, Canapes party, company dinner and even wedding. What’s more, the restaurant is pork free and alcohol-free allowing customers from all races to enjoy their finely made Italian food. Also, their daily cold-pressed juice is one that could definitely quench your thirst on a hot day. 

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

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