You won’t find such an abundance of authentic North and South Indian cuisine so commonly anywhere else in Malaysia but at the very heart of Johor’s capital city. The Kittengi also follows the same suit as all other authentic Indian restaurants by strategically selecting a location virtually devoid of any Indian dishes that aren’t close to being called authentic at all.

Inside, you will find a modest-looking, but a clean, cozy, and comfortable interior that is the norm among all authentic Indian restaurants across Johor Bahru. It’s not as glamorous as its competitors, but it is fully air conditioned for patrons to escape the everlasting summer heat.

Hailing from India and trained underneath his mentors from the kitchens of the well-revered fellow Indian restaurant, The Kittengi, you can expect traditional and faithful authentic North Indian dishes that is loved by many and all who are craving for something of a higher caliber than the usual Roti Canai and Thosai that everyone usually eats as a breakfast item. Additionally, catering services are also offered for any event and delivery services are also available for those who do not want to leave their comfort of their environment, although this service only applies to local deliveries only.

Starting out, you’ll be greeted with a wide selection of sweet, colourful ice-cold drinks that will quench anyone’s thirst in the hot afternoons.

For any meal of the day, a classic thick thosai can do the job and served with various chutneys that can be enjoyed alone or combined altogether for countless combinations. If thick sauces aren’t your thing, various thin sauces are also available for a richer and fragrant taste to soak into this classic Indian dish.

Nasi Briyani is another iconic and well known rice-based dish everybody loves today, and this one no different from the truly authentic recipe straight out from India!

If you’re craving proteins, Tandoori Chicken is one option you should consider ordering multiple plates of, because of how perfectly roasted thoroughly all the way to the bone and seasoned heavily with aromatic spices and marinade to produce and unbelievable taste beyond belief. A fish option is also available, which is the famous fish head curry that is sure to go well with the nasi briyani you’ve ordered earlier and packed with spices and heat.

And to go along with it to make it a filling meal, Banana Leaf Rice is also a flexible option if you crave for a heavy breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Even without the banana leaf, it’s still delicious beyond leaps and bounds and has everything you need in a banana leaf rice without kicking tradition and authenticity to the curb.