Located on the ground floor within the premises of Grand Bluewave Hotel, Johor Bahru, The Grand Gem restaurant offers potential patrons -if not all food aficionados; a window into the best of what culinary India has to offer, in both buffet and a la carte style.

Intricately decorated to mimic an authentic Indian theme, spacious and brightly lit with natural lighting during the day and ample artificial lighting during the night, the restaurant's ambience reflects the tier of one being in the upper echelons of the culinary scene. And truth be told, the Grand Gem does seem to provide the equivalent of fine dining, as far as Indian cuisines are concerned.

Needless to say, in the wake of embracing the culinary heritage of Indian cooking -both South and North Indian, just to make things clear; the restaurant utilises a myriad of Indian herbs and spices in many of its recipes to ensure that every mouthful of their dishes yield tantalising bursts of flavours.

If you ever find yourself there, their popular starter of crispy Onion Pakoda (Fried Onion Fritters) will indubitably pave way for a sensual experience in terms of taste, and for mains, patrons can choose to opt between three different meats -namely poultry/chicken, lamb or seafood; to go along with their culinary experience here in the Grand Gem. Just a heads-up, go for their 'mixed grilled platter' (a platter entailing fried chicken cooked in 3 different ways) if you're a fan of chicken tandoori while mutton fans should really try out the Indian restaurant's rendition of Mutton Dalcha or Bhuna Gosht. Seafood aficionados can sample their preferred seafood fare cooked in curry or aromatically spice-fried. Vegetarians will be accommodated as well as one of the restaurant's forte lies in whipping up decadent vegetarian cuisines. All these dishes can be paired with either rice or naan breads, hence take your pick.

Having said that, if you ever found yourself looking about in Johor Bahru for an authentic experience in Indian cuisine and don't mind splurging a tad more, wait no further and make your way over to the Grand Gem for a gastronomical experience like no other.