Located amidst a row of shop-lots nestled in Taman Johor Jaya of Johor Bahru, Sari Wangi brings about an culinary scene from across the Straits, all the way from Indonesian for the people of Johor. Vouched by locals as one of the best Indonesian restaurant in the state, this quaint little restaurant serves quite a flare with its traditional delicacies.

While its selection of food on the menu is somewhat the opposite of extensive, Sari Wangi made up for its lacklustre menu listings by whipping up dishes that send patrons into a world of flavourful delight. In terms of its signature dishes, Sari Wangi is quite notorious -in a good way; for its rendition of the Nasi Tumpeng.

Making use of fragrant yellow rice infused with turmeric, the rice is placed onto the plate in a conical fashion, unlike the usual half-spherical shape of an overturned bowl, and this is done on courtesy of the Indonesian culture and heritage. An assortment of condiments such as sweet and spicy sambal, Indonesian fried potato patties (perkedel), leafy greens as well as crispy prawn chips accompany the rice. Garnish with fried shallots as a finishing touch, the combination of textures and flavours derived from the overall ingredients present in the dish brings about a wonderful burst of tantalising relish.

But of course, if you wanted a side-dish that is more substantial, Sari Wangi has just the item for you and it comes in the form of their very own spicy tomato chicken. More commonly known as 'ayam masak merah', this particular poultry dish of Sari Wangi is the exemplary example of a good -if not best; plate of spicy tomato chicken. Making use of succulent whole chicken thighs, the poultry is immersed in a blend of tomato, herb-and-spice base for cooking and the result is one very delicious dish. Along with the Nasi Tumpeng as well as Sari Wangi's chicken skewers -satay; patrons will be ensured of a very immersive dining experience.

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