Malaysia is all about the diversity of race and religion. No matter from what background we come from, there are always places that can bring us together through our love for food. Like this old bakery located at Jalan Dhoby – the Salahuddin Bakery. This very antique looking bakery started its operation back in 1937. This family-run business has been around for a long time serving the locals with delightful breads and pastries made from a classic wood fired oven. All of the crowds’ favourite freshly baked breads gained its name due to the fact that it is cooked in an old room-sized coal-fired oven that has been used since they begin the business. Their regular customers do not just come from Johor, but there are also people from all over Malaysia and overseas who is willing to come a long way just to taste the delicious specialty.


The customers would always go for Salahuddin Bakery due to the fact that baked items using coal can be hard to find in JB. It’s amazing how the breads are all ready by 6 in the morning for early bird patrons to grab. Here, there are about 20 different types of pastries and breads available. The most popular one is definitely the triangular-shaped curry puffs. This pastry would take you back to your childhood memories with its flavourful curried cut potatoes and onions with minced chicken, beef or lamb fillings, and crispy and flaky crust. Other bestselling items would be the French loaf and coconut-filled buns. So take a trip to this vintage shop to reminiscing back your childhood memories while indulging in daily freshly baked goods.