Living in Malaysia, we have all known what makes a good plate of chicken rice. From a fragrant and oily rice with slightest hint of ginger, with roasted chicken -so perfectly roasted that the skin is crisp and yet the insides are white, tender and juicy; garnished with slices of cucumber and topped with spring onions and coriander, that's how good chicken rice should be.

On the other hand, only a fair few knows how to discern a good plate of roasted duck rice but rest assured if you venture forth to Meng Meng Roasted Duck restaurant located in KSL City Mall Branch, Johor Bahru, you will be enlightened to what a good plate of roasted duck rice entails.

In essence, Meng Meng Roast Duck caters to the needs of those craving for a good plate of roasted duck rice around the vicinity of KSL CIty Mall branch. Roasted to perfection, the whole ducks are truly a sight to behold. Skin crisp from all the roasting, hiding the rich, gamey textured dark meat of the duck underneath, the mere sight of the roasted ducks will leave you drooling.

But at any rate, despite the name, Meng Meng Roast Duck is not all about ducks. While they specialize in duck dishes, they do serve chicken and pork as well, along with an fair amount of other side-dishes. While their roast chicken is fairly decent, much of the spotlight shines on their roasted pork or their barbecued version of pork (Char Siew). 

The roasted pork, having a lean texture on one end, coupled with a layer of fats on the other, followed by crunchy roasted pork skin is a true gourmet delight for the carnivores. The barbecued version on the other hand, is savory and sweet to the taste buds, and according to the various cuts you choose, can be either lean or fatty.

Side-dish wise, Meng Meng serves a range of dishes from fried fish, bean-curd, vegetables and soup.

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