You know that urge to try Korean food after watching an episode of Running Man? Well, Johor Bahru folks will no longer have to crave for it or even drive far to taste the delicious Korean food. They simply have to drive near Taman Pelangi in Johor Bahru to experience Kimchi and Korean BBQ delicacies themselves. Managed by a Korean boss, Mr. Park Sang Jun and his wife, this restaurant provides a lot of reasons for you to come and try their dishes – cosy ambience, welcoming front service staffs, reasonable price range, and delightful authentic Korean cuisine.


This Korean restaurant provides a wide selection of Korean gastronomy Steamboat, Noodles, Pancakes, BBQ, and many more. BBQ pork is definitely one of the crowd’s favourite. A server will grill it for you in a stove, integrated into your table. What’s interesting about this place is that they provide hoods at every table to extract the BBQ odour to avoid your garments from smelling. Very thoughtful of them! Another must-try dish is the Kimchi Pancake. The pancake is not too thick and red in colour. Don’t worry, it is not spicy and every bite is full of vegetables and squid.


Apart from the ala carte items, you can also order the set menu that consist of Pork Spare Ribs with bone, Thick Sliced Pork Belly Special, Roasted Saury, Ginseng Chicken Soup and Kimchi Pancake. Various types of side dishes are also served alongside the main dish such as Pickled Radish, Kimchi, Potato Salad, and Pickled Cucumber. And it is all comes with an affordable price range.


The meal portion offered in this restaurant is also large suitable for family or friends gathering. If you ever consider coming here, it is usually packed during the weekends and public holidays. So you would want to call in advance to make a reservation to avoid waiting in line for your table.

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