It feels so good whenever I walk around Pelangi , Permai outlet or Sutera Mall in Johor Bahru, there are choices of the restaurant to dine in. One of my most visited restaurants here is nothing more than Ke Ren Lai Restaurant which serves lip smacking Chinese cuisines. In Malaysia, it is a bonus to have the opportunity trying out the different taste of traditional cuisines from all different races and countries.

Only fair few know how decent and delicious the Hakka Meat Minced Noodle here and I am one of them as my tummy thanked me for that tasteful noodle. The noodle is homemade with soft and smooth texture, perfect be eaten with the juicy minced beef. Plus, I am so delighted with its serving because they generously serve a full content of bowl for a cheap price. This is whereby the meat noodles as well come with any 2 choices dish from their Yong Tau Foo menu.  

Believe me that the green tea soup is superb! They never lack ingredients but too generous to make it tasteful with their ingredients added into the dish. This is the tips of having a great meal either not too salty or tasteless. Perfect! Similarly to their mouth watering Braised Chicken Feet Noodle. The chicken is perfectly cooked and braised. Every part of it is completely coated with braised sauce. It is worth the money. 

Hungry yet?