Kim Long Star Restaurant can be claimed as one of the pioneers of Chinese restaurant situated within the midst of an old part of Senai, Johor where seasoned neighbourhood and rows of shops are located. From the beginning of its establishment in 90’s, Kim Long Star Restaurant has sustained its credibility to be one of the best places that offers classic Chinese and Cantonese cuisine until now it has stood against the test of time. Although located at a remote place way out of the city, but with expressways availability, there is almost absolutely no reason to not take a trip to Kim Long Restaurant especially when this restaurant is famous for its roasted duck dish that is a hit among patrons and regulars. Succulently luring customers with its aromatic meat juice with the crispiness of the skin still coating the meat, this roasted duck is a definite must-have.

 Aside from roasted duck, Kim Long is also famous for its pork galore such as pork ribs with salted egg where the ribs are cooked till blackened and later are to be drenched under the sunny yellow of egg yolk gravy. Dining in Kim Long never cease to gain a full satisfaction and can be testified by the number of patrons that fill in the space of the restaurant throughout day and night and by the looks of it, Kim Long never is short on its customers especially at night. Fortunately for us, Kim Long Star has opened up a second branch located within the same vicinity of Senai of which adds up to the reasons of why to not look pass Kim Long Star Restaurant.