Foon Zhong Foon Yew is run by a lady and her sons and was initially serving curry noodles inside a high school canteen. It then decided to tempt more crowds with its curry broth goodness and relocate to Jalan Stulang Laut instead. Due to high demand and capacity, this has brought it into finally settling down and setting up a contemporary dining area at Stulang Walk, a leisure park with ample parking bays, located in Johor Bahru district. Till today, it is still maintaining the consistency in its broth, needless to say as to why many people are still keen on slurping its bowl of curry noodle and the same goes without saying to the best curry mee in Johor.

This good deal of curry mee are served alongside homemade fish balls and fried spongy beancurd that dribbles in a single mouthful and perfectly cooked plump cockles. The curry broth is enriched with a considerable amount of coconut milk and selected spices and herbs, exuding a tantalizing scent every time when it is served. The underlying secret to the uniqueness of the broth here is the fusion of chicken stock with the curry soup. This humble curry stall also offers a wide array of yong tau foo choices piling up over 30 different stuffing variations for you to choose from such as eggplant, fried beancurd skin and fried wantan as accompaniments for your noodle. Additionally, to spice up your taste buds, there’s a house-made savoury and piquant chilli paste to relish your appetite.

Operating Hour

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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