Be it Peking duck, roast duck, suckling piglet, or any Chinese dish one could think of, Eastern Dragon Restaurant is the exact place to be for such succulent variations. Eastern Dragon Restaurant is a really well known restaurant among Southerners – Johoreans and Singaporeans – that offers selections of Chinese and Cantonese delicacies and good ones as well. Claiming to serve the most delicious dishes synonymous to the ones that could be gotten in Hong Kong, this restaurant sure has succeeded in putting forth a great traditional way of making and serving Chinese food originating from Beijing.

A family friendly restaurant, this place is always packed with people be it weekends or weekdays and interestingly on weekends it is almost formidable to secure yourself, or your family for that matter, seats if in walk in basis, therefore it is always advisable to call in advance for reservation. However impossible it seem to get a seat at Eastern Dragon Restaurant they will always cater the best for its customers, which makes the restaurant as folks favourite until now after its decades of operation. With high reputation that it holds for years, this restaurant put forth high end Cantonese and Chinese dishes but the setting rather sets off a casual family fun ambience and layback environment to be enjoyed by people from different walks of life. From family dinner and functions, to gatherings of friends, Eastern Dragon Restaurant has witnessed everything and will always welcome customers to celebrate joyous moments of their lives – especially Chinese New Year! 

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