Thai Boat Noodles or commonly known as ‘Kuay Teow Reua’ in Thai is one of the renowned native Thais’ street food. Now, you do not have to go all the way to Thailand because there is one in your own back yard! Originally served from vendors on floating boats in the Amphawa canals and with recipes passed through three generations, this is a shop you would not want to miss.

There are two types of noodles to choose from: one be the thick bee hoon (rice vermicelli) and the other is the Thai glass noodles called the mung bean noodles. You then choose your broth: the original or the Amphawa broth, herbal or the Rangsit and last but not least, Tom Yam. Both the Amphawa and Tom Yam is not too spicy so it suits both children and adults. These noodles are then served in small bowls together with a little meat, either beef, chicken or prawn which cost not more than RM2 each! What a value! Accompany your noodles with the condiments available at each table for flavour enhancement.

If you are feeling ambitious or just really hungry for more, take their signature Tom Yam Gung Lobster Noodles! Unfortunately not for those who have a budget to uphold but the portion is definitely worth every dollar. Besides the boat noodles, one can order some Thai delicacies off the menu as well like the Pandan Leaf Chicken or also called as Gai Hor Bai Toey.

Complement your meal with their drinks like the Thai Green Tea, Thai Iced Milk Tea and their Thai Iced Coffee. All just as refreshing.

What is a meal without dessert right? Order their originals like the Thap Thim Krob (Thai Red Rubies dessert) and the Mango Sticky Rice!