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World's Twisted Food Kitchen started as a catering company back in 2015 by a former corporate junkie who has a passion for food turned chef; Marcus Wong. His creation emphasizes in Asian-fusion cuisine as he innovates his favorite dishes from the vast travels experiences he had around the world into his own signatures.

World's Twisted Food Kitchen have since evolved into retail businesses focusing in foodcourts birthing foodstalls such as Wang's Noodles that specializes in pork-free/alcohol-free Rice & Noodles dishes, Gulpe that specializes in drinks & BFC Yong Tau Foo that is self-explanatory.

Today, World's Twisted Food Kitchen is the central kitchen that produces food for all food businesses under its umbrella as well as catering services & private dining (by appointment only).

Wang's Noodles Signature Dishes includes:

1. World's Twisted Taiwanese Beef Noodles. Thick beefy broth with a balance of spicy, salty & herby serves with chunky beef, salted vegetables, seasonal greens & springy fresh egg noodles. Inspired by Japanese Ramen.

2. Not Your Ordinary Bak Cho Mee (Minced Chicken & Black Fungus braised in a special blended tangy & salty sauce topped with Chef's unity of spice & mala chili powder, fried Ikan Bilis, seasonal greens & Ajitsuke Tamago (Ramen Egg). A favorite Singaporean dish elevated by Chef Marcus.

3. Triple Threat Seafood Pan Mee. A Malaysians favorite dish that is reimagined by combining Ipoh Sar Hor Fun prawn & chicken soup & pan mee topped with 3 different meats which includes Minced Chicken that is stir-fried with Black Fungus, prawns & squid.

4. Fragrant Chicken & Mushroom Yam Rice served with Seafood Broth. Japanese short grain rice that is heavily fragrant with aromatics, dried shrimp & dried shitake mushroom. Rice is cooked to perfection with Siamese Yam then topped it off with our stir-fried Minced Chicken with Black Fungus accompanied with a side of Seafood Broth.