Imagine dining in a classy, sensual modern cuisine restaurant indulging in some contemporary Chinese and Asian exquisite cuisines of which such love and passion are laboured by Way Modern Chinois. Literally translated to ‘unique’, the name Way is to put forth the whole idea that the food served here is one and only sophisticatedly set in a classy environment of Chinois which means ‘Chinese’ in French. It never is foreign dishes that Way Modern Chinois serve but rather the usual Chinese and Asian delicacies with some twists adding to it. The foods here are of varieties ranging from dim sum to set dishes such as fresh seafood, ala carte rice dishes, and many more.

Among the many Chinese cuisine Modern Chinois serve, its dim sum stands out a lot with the plating of bits of prawn dumpling, or perhaps the seafood curry nest. Interesting the truffle crab soup dumpling is really eye-catching with black wonton skin – mind you; it is still edible – and crab meat as its filling.

Intriguing! But overall, the presentations of the dishes here never cease to disappoint the customers especially when every bits and taste is put into thought meticulously done thoroughly. Some of the ala carte are worth a shot to try for instance Modern Chinois’s classic fried rice. For those of you who are not entirely partial with tea or juices, delectable cocktails are up for grabs too.

A little enthralling about this house, like any other Chinese high-end restaurant, it caters for big occasions and events. During Chinese New Year, perhaps it would be too wise to give Way Modern Chinois a call for reservations in order to secure a place for your celebration.