Situated on the first floor of Bangsar Village, the Village Roast Duck managed to attract duck lovers who would love a treat anywhere. The owners of this place are known to have been working their magic in London restaurants before deciding to woo Malaysians.

A ceramic bowl of complimentary vegetable soup is served as part of a starter and usually for you to gently get your palate ready for the rest of the main dishes that you have ordered. This place is known for their Peking Roast Duck, Crispy Duck, Char Siew and also Siew Yuk, therefore it is not surprising if you see every table having huge portions of barbecued meat. This is usually the three combinations of barbecued meat taken from the menu which consists of your choice of roasted duck, crispy roasted pork, barbecued pork or even soy chicken. With meat cooked till a very tender and chewable texture as well as crispy skin, it accounts for the perfect dish.

Have a look at the menu and make a selection of the variety of authentic Cantonese fare to accompany your love for duck meat. There is the Duck Meat Wan Than Mee or rice if you are into a simple meal. Other than that, there are different dishes cooked with high quality ingredients to ensure great standard of the restaurant.

After a heavy and nourishing meal, you will be given dessert that consists of a small bowl of Gui Ling Gao (herbal jelly) which is on the house as well.

So, for those of you who would love a good share of roasted fare, keep this place in mind and make sure you do not go during their peak hours because if you do, let us say your patience is very much needed. Nevertheless, your orders will be taken as soon as you are seated.