Sate Padang Takanajuo Kuala Lumpur

Sate Padang Takanajuo

Located in Kampung Baru, Sate Padang Takanajuo is quite popular among its area. Sate padang is a specialized sate from the cuisine of Minangkabau, made from beef cut into small cubes with sauce on top. We were given three types of their sates to try, which are sate perut, sate ayam and sate campur and let us tell you all about it!


Sate Perut

 The first sate they gave us to try is the sate perut. The sate perut has a chewy, yet tender texture. Even though it has a slightly chewy texture, it is not hard to bite or swallow. The sate is topped with kuah kacang, which has a rich and nutty-sweet mixture. After that, it is topped again with some fried onions.

 Sate Ayam


The second sate we tried was Sate ayam. The chicken sate is marinated perfectly, grilled well, with a tender and juicy texture. The sate is served with nasi impit and topped with a generous amount of kuah kacang and fried onions.  You might want to order a lot of pieces if you’re a chicken lover!

 Sate Campur

 If you cannot decide between sate ayam or sate perut, you might as well order this sate campur! You can get a taste of both flavors in one serve, which is amazing! Just like others, this sate campur is served with kuah kacang, fried onions and nasi impit.