Instead of the usual nasi lemak, sandwiches and bagels with coffee in the morning for breakfast, why not opt for dim sum instead? Restaurant Jin Xuan Hong Kong starts its operation from 7am in the morning, just in time for your dim sum breakfast and opens until 11.30am for dinner and supper. The restaurant is filled with plastic chairs and tables both interior and exterior as they often get crowded especially during peak hours. Fret not as it is fully air-conditioned indoors. Given the freedom to choose, patrons will be able to choose from their wide range of dim sum served in both plates and baskets that come in individual colours for efficiency.

As ordering is usually not necessary whilst ordering dim sum at Jin Xuan Hong Kong, you will be able to choose from servers carrying trays with various types of dim sum. Har Gaw, Siu-Mai, Fish balls, Chicken claw, Sharkfin dumpling, Crystal shrimp dumplings are some offered under steamed dim sum. Other dim sum dishes like Lo-Mai-Kai, BBQ pork bun as well as their signature Big Pao are available along with congee and chee cheong fun.

Do not miss on their signature and everyone’s favourite Golden Custard Buns with silky smooth flowing custard filling as well as Fried Scallop with salted egg and Lau Sar Pau, another salted egg yolk based item yet in liquid form that flows hot and taste when you take a bite. A pot of Chinese tea would be a perfect complementation to their delectable dishes. 

In a nutshell, if you love dim sum, this place is a must-visit, considering the quantity without any cutbacks in quality.