Tucked in the midst of houses in Old Klang Road is Ishin Japanese Dining. What used to be a bungalow was made into a restaurant with its own parking valet services. Ishin is a Japanese restaurant that emphasises on the quality of their food and their service. The interior of the place is thoughtfully decorated with warm lights that signify exclusivity.

        Ishin is also home to Malaysia’s biggest oval sushi counter that caters to customers that are curious about the cooking process as well as allowing free-flowing interactions with the chef themselves. For those looking to have a Japanese theme event, look no further as Ishin has private rooms and Tatami seating for that extra Japanese experience, as well as an outdoor seating that is only open to the public at night.

        Ishin pride themselves in using only the finest quality ingredients, thus having their products air-flown directly from Tsukiji Market in Tokyo. Said to possibly have the freshest food on their plate, dishes like Sashimi Moriawase are a delightful wonder to the senses.

        Cooked dishes are equally as popular such as the Double Boiled Shiro Bagai (snails), and Ankimo (monkfish liver) that is said to be the foie gras of the sea. Ishin also happens to be a place where one could get Wagyu Beef at market price, usually grill over hot stone. For dessert, treat yourself to Japan’s finest Nagano Kyoho Grapes or the Red Bean Green Tea Ice Cream.

        The servers are mostly non-Malaysians but have been properly trained so that the services are only top notch. Ishin is not just about Japanese dining but also bordering on fine dining with what they offer. Some of the must-try at Ishin includes rolls like the Caterpillar Roll and Special House Maki, Grill Maguro Kama, Tempura Moriawase, and Kaki Cheese Yaki. 

        Knotting together a kitchen that springs creativity and flavours into Japanese dishes with a posh atmosphere is what Ishin Japanese Dining is all about. Which translates as a must-visit for Japanese food buffs.