Established since 2015, DurianBB first started in Hong Kong with a simple idea of highlighting the fine quality in durians that is unusual from most of the fruits available in the world. The durians are sourced from their very own orchard in Malaysia. Some of them are imported from Thailand as well.


What makes DurianBB extraordinary from others, are the services provided by them. DurianBB offers a wide range of fresh, ready-to-eat and frozen products through multiple platforms. In order to expand the accessibility to durians, they have their own online stores, physical stores and more in Hong Kong. They aim to bring the best out of their products and services so they offer durian products made from the top-notch type of durian – Musang King.


DurianBB is available in Macau, Singapore and China after receiving overwhelming responses in Hong Kong. In early 2018, DurianBB Park is founded by the team behind DurianBB to extend durian feasting to its customers.


Located on Jalan Imbi, within walking distance from Pavillion Kuala Lumpur and Bukit Bintang, it is conveniently situated in the heart of Kuala Lumpur therefore making it easier to access for tourists and locals. You can reach there by Grab or Bukit Bintang MRT station.

When dining in DurianBB Park, you can enjoy the view of Petronas Twin Towers (KLCC) while feasting on the king of fruits.


DurianBB Park always make sure that their durians are available all-year-round, no matter what type of durians. The durian are all from their own orchard, in Raub, Pahang. Minority of them are from Thailand as well. DurianBB Park aims to provide the best to their customers so their durians are reasonably priced.


They have a range of durian products for sale such as durian coffee, durian milk tea, durian bar and more. All of the products are made from real durian! The best-selling point in DurianBB Park is the durian platter. It is served with five types of durians consisting of XO, Kampung Durian, D101, D13 (Golden Bun), XO and Musang King.


DurianBB Park is considerate for their customers. The tables are very organized and they even provide cushions for customers to have a pleasant dine-in experience. Water and bowls are provided as well. There is not much of a problem if you opt to take away because they offer vacuum packaging too, especially if you are a tourist and wants to bring some of the durian delicacies back home without the strong smell in your bag!


There may be some mosquitoes around in the evening so prepare some mosquitoes repellent! If you are not in for the sunny and humid weather, you are always welcomed to dine in their air-conditioned VIP containers.