DC Comics Superhero Cafe Kuala Lumpur

Are you on team Marvel or DC? Well if you’re rooting for DC then we have good news, DC Comics Superhero Cafe is a DC inspired cafe bringing all your favorite superheroes to life! Even if you’re not a DC fan, dining in the midst of the ever famous Batman and Superman which is the main characters for the cafe is a fantasy come true! 

Located at Sunway Putra Mall, this cafe is the new metropolis for justice league fans. With everything DC themed, from the furniture to the food. The cafe definitely strikes attention with their heavily graphical interior of DC’s most iconic superheroes and logos as well as the life sized statues of Superman and Batman that was stationed at the seating areas.

Even though the comic book characters might have been the main attractions, one important thing to note is that all the food served at this dining joint is made entirely fresh in house! Therefore without further ado, we shall introduce the line up of amazing delicacies that DC Comics Superhero Cafe has to offer!

For any meal, a drink is an important accompaniment. From coffee to milkshakes as well as in house specialties, the cafe definitely definitely has it all! First up we have Loi’s Crush which is a strawberry mojito and Aqua Cool pearls that is an ice yuzu lemon tea! Both drinks are topped with fresh fruits and Superman ice cubes which makes them the perfect refreshments to our meal. 

Loi's Crush
Aqua Cool Pearls

DC Cafe also has a range of milkshakes served in these adorable superheroes (and villain) cups that has a little plastic cape attached! The milkshakes were creamy and cooling, suitable for the Malaysian weather.

Ha Ha Ha (Oreo) & Bruce's Top Toffee (Chocolate Toffee)
Smallville Prophecy (Peanut Butter)

For those that prefer a hot beverage instead, Caramel Diana is a caramel latte for all you caffeine lovers out there! Albeit a little bit sweet but this latte definitely packs a punch like Wonder Woman!

Caramel Dianna

Jumping into the mains, we were introduced to a variety of burgers which is DC Cafe’s signatures with all the patties being homemade.

This cheese layered burger is topped with homemade yuzu sauce and it’s the ultimate juicy perfection!

Metropolis Face Off Burger

For those that prefer fish burgers instead, this patty is generously topped with yogurt sauce and it’s obviously Aquaman’s favorite food!

Golden Fish Fillet Burger

And we have a something that will be featured in their new menu soon. Though burgers are originated from the west, this one has an Asian twist to it with it’s salted egg and satay sauce!

Metropolis Crunch Burger

Speaking of Asian, for those that simply can’t miss out on rice. You might not want to sit out on these chicken chop rice delicacies! Sticking to the Asian fusion theme, these chicken chop rice definitely brings some heat!

Scarlet Sauce Chicken Chop Rice
Heat Vision Chicken Rice

Last but not least, we have the Katana Sliced Hawaiian to top it all off! This pizza is the ultimate classic imaginable and you can’t go wrong with a good slice of pizza!

Katana Sliced Hawaiian