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    Tong Garden NutriOne

    Tong Garden NutriOne is a product specializes in cereal drinks. Available in five distinctive flavors which include 25 grains, Soybean, Oatmeal & Pumpkin, Almond & Pine Nut and last but not least Black Rice & Sesame. This cereal drinks are made with all the good grains to give you the boost that you need.

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    A product from Arksh Group, NutriRite is an instant cereal drink made perfect to keep your tummy filled with healthy nutrition. Made with only quality ingredients, NutriRite comes in three options, Original, Low Fat and Oats & Honey.

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    Super NutreMill

    Super NutreMill is a range of instant cereal drinks and powdered soy milk. Made with love, goodness and joy is their motto to bring the best cereal drink in the market. Comes with five options to choose from, Super NutreMill can be enjoyed by all ages.

    The variations include the NutreMill Smart Grains, 3 in 1 cereal with oats, 4 in 1 cereal with oats or brown rice, whole grain soy beverage blueberry & apple bits, and wholegrain original.

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    Nestle Nestum

    A product under one of the largest food manufacturer, Nestle Nestum can be found in almost all Malaysians household and offices. This cereal drink is made with the main goodness of corn kernels, rice and whole wheat mixed together with delicious flavors to give you the energy boost that is suitable for your taste. Now, cereal with milk is available in 225ml of bottle.

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    Quaker Cereal Drinks

    The brand Quaker has been around for over 140 years in oats and cereal industry. Offered a variety of cereals and oats that can be served not more than 2 minutes, Quaker has been one of the recognized brands. As for their cereal drinks, they have carefully crafted instant cereal drinks packed with nutrition and delicious flavors.

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